Icom 7600 vs 7610

A demo unit was placed on a table, available for the attendees Back to Icom Next HF and more Last modified 2018-11-05 Icom IC-7610 SPECIFICATIONS. It utilizes Icom's proven IF-DSP technology and features selectable roofing filters at 3kHz, 6kHz and 15kHz. published on: Fri Jan 18 2013. 1 (full version), or Windows 10 Works with the RT Systems USB-RTS01 cable as shown below. Click here to submit a question or comment regarding the Sweepstakes. Icom 7610 Comparison. Brand New. The N4PY Icom Radio Control program will allow you to add any Flex radio (the brand new Flex-1500 is only $579) to your Icom radio. We found that the circuits and technologies in the transceivers are totally different, and felt the rapid technological progress when we looked inside both transceivers. We also share information about your use of the website with our partners social networking, advertising and web analytics who can combine it with other information provided to them or they have gathered from the use made of its services. The IC-7610 vs the IC-7600. The master clock of the IC-7610 utilizes a low phase noise VCXO (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator), combined with Icom’s years of technical expertise to design a common power supply for the VCXO and FPGA, yielding an ultra-low phase noise.

CQOHM / アマチュア無線・特定小電力トランシーバー・受信機の専門店CQ The new Icom IC-7610 SDR HF/6m Transceiver by Adam Farson VA7OJ/AB4OJ ***** Hot News! RS-BA1 Ver. That said, this looks like an interesting transceiver that is probably more than adequate for most hams' needs (as are most others). Japan, dopo il successo di vendite Icom IC-7600 vs Yaesu FTdx-3000. ・IC-7100 ・IC-7200 ・IC-7300 ・IC-7410 ・IC-7600 ・IC-7610 ・IC-7850 ・IC-7851 Now if only ICOM would wake up & make a rig like the 7610 without a Touch Screen I would give it serious consideration but as it stands right now the only ICOM rigs I will ever own will all be USED gear such as another 7600. 96. the IC-7610 the 2 kHz narrow spaced dynamic range for the K3S is 106 dB and the same measurement for the IC-7610 is 98 dB. It shows a very high dynamic range and the best selectivity without to forget optimized roofing filters, high performing DSP functions, a very complete graphic monitor supporting the mouse, plus an optional wireless remote control (CAT interface). Do you like to write? Interesting project to share? Helpful tips and ideas for other hams? Submit an article and we will review it for publication on AmateurRadio. Trying in my mind to figure out why? Is it to actually drive adoption of the 7610 or keep the used 7300s from eating into sales of new radios? $3900 is still way too much for the 7610 though. It’s time I did the Icom 7300 vs. Kaikilla tuotteilla virallinen Icom-takuu.

With this Flex radio configured along with your Icom radio, you will see 48 khz to 192 khz SHOOT-OUTS: 1) ICOM IC-7300 & 7610 vs KENWOOD TS-990S This shootout compares the two newest ICOM radios to Kenwood's newest radio under contest conditions. GENERAL: Type: Amateur HF/VHF transceiver: Frequency range: TX: 10-160 m George and Tommy, from Amateur Logic review the IC-7610 with Ray Novak from Icom. the ICOM IC-7600. Also, a 10 MHz reference signal can be input to the IC-7610 for higher precision. The driver supports the following transceivers and receivers (as of September 2017). Er ist zu einer Art Volkstranceiver avanciert und "gefühlt" hat fast jeder zweite OM inzwischen so ein Teil im Shack. The IC-7610 introduces dual RF direct sampling receivers. On December 10th 2016, Icom Japan opened the doors of it’s Osaka main office to the public, for the annual “Icom amateur radio festival”. Icom does not have that same reputation. 00. 04/12/2017 Gentili Lidio CUBICOM Italy, Day 1 IC-7610 in USA, IC-7610 ARI Trento, IC-7610 Direct Sampling SDR, Icom IC-7610, Icom Italy K2M Srl IC-7610, il nuovo Transceiver HF 50MHz a Conversione Diretta SDR prodotto dalla Icom Inc.

net. The Icom 7610 also has rubber feet on the right side to rest it on when transporting. The IC-7610 is now supported. Icom CT-17 CI-V CAT Programming Cable IC-7300 IC-7400 IC-7600 IC-7700 IC-7800 . 89 The Icom IC-7610: Early Impressions Excellent receiver! But some functionality issues for the broadcast DX-er. . The IC-7610 employs an RF direct sampling system, where RF signals directly convert to digital data and then processed by the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array). $2,749. External Speaker designed specifically as a companion for the IC-7610, but will work with all Icom HF rigs. In this article, use the context to differentiate USB (PC Universal Serial Bus) vs. Icom HF Radio Hex Addresses.

I've heard good things about it. It is a great rig, just wanting to try a IC-7610. These $100. IC-7610, the new direct sampling high performance HF and 6 meter SDR transceiver from ICOM is taking you to another level. For Icom mobile rigs, use the HSTA-706, and for Icom HTs use the HSTA-iHT. (For those who don’t know, a very near lighting strike EMP took out my 990S in 2015. Read more here. It was in response to questions about the Yeasu FTDX-3000 vs. I have received some very helpful communication from a number of other Hams using Icom Radios with the Cookies on this site are used to personalize content and ads, to provide social networking features and analyze traffic. ca First details of the ICOM IC-7610 IC-7610 HF/50MHz Transceiver (Base Station) The IC-7610 is the successor to the IC-7600 and will be a dual-watch capable HF+50MHz 100W base station with built-in antenna tuner. In August, Icom Japan announced during the Tokyo HamFair the IC-7610 HF transceiver, a new mid class amateur radio product.

Kein Wunder, dass ICOM jetzt nachdoppelt. 1 Whatever ICOM’s designation, the IC-7600 is a terrific performer with a fine complement of useful tools for DXing and contesting! Granted, the IC-7600 is not totally new and different with respect to the older PROIII and the more QTH. I also tried googling for Flex 6600 vs. 3. The IC-7610 also comes with a high-speed, high-resolution, real-time spectrum scope on a 7-inch color display. This process greatly reduces distor- With the 7610 using a direct sampling SDR design like the the new IC-7300 (only with improvements) it may far outperform the 7600. Elecraft KX3: Which do you prefer for CW/SSB? Many of you have suggested in the past that the SWLing Post join an affiliate links program. Der IC-7300 war und ist ja ein durchschlagender Erfolg. Icom IC-7700 200W HF Base Amateur Radio. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). It remains to be seen what if any software updates come out for the 7300, and what if any hardware upgrades are necessary (or if Icom will just release a new model).

When reading the document, please keep in mind that Rob is testing these radios at his rural contest site in Ault, Colorado. Works 100%. 89 $100. Now if only ICOM would wake up & make a rig like the 7610 without a Touch Screen I would give it serious consideration but as it stands right now the only ICOM rigs I will ever own will all be USED gear such as another 7600. Icom 7610 comparison. The FTDX3000 testing at -142dB and the Icom 7600 testing at -141dB. If you liked the ProIII, you will LOVE the 7600. 2kHz dynamic range, the FTDX3000 is 4dB better at 82dB compared to 78dB which is indistinguishable in real world use. The DIGI-SEL preselectors are RF filters with sharp, narrow passband characteristics preventing Analog-to-Digital Converter overflow from large out-of-band signals when sampling the RF signals. After installing the driver, connect the transceiver or receiver to the PC, and then the USB driver is automatically installed to add a COM port. Table 1: Comparison of key features for IC-7600 and other Icom HF radios.

During their review they discuss the radio's key features and compare it to the IC-7600 and IC-7300. 104dB dynamic range and +30dbm 3rd order intercept point is achieved on the HF C-7610 Firmware Update for IQ Output Brochure . Coupon is valid through 06/30/19 If in Ohio, tax is applied to $1017. Should I Win the one in Orlando at Hamcation I would sell it still sealed in the box to somebody who does not Save icom 7610 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. On 2018-07-12 10:58 AM, Bob McGraw - K4TAX wrote: In comparing the K3S vs. 00 coupon has been applied to the above price. Direct Sampling means incoming RF signals are digitized by the Analog-to-Digital Converter and immediately processed by the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array). The Icom IC-7300 vs. Tuner in picture is not included. 95 (larger view) Icom IC-7600 Mini-Manual. Rebate Rules and Forms for US and Canadian residents can be found here for this product.

I think many of the early reviews of the Icom 7610 were premature in their criticism. I suspect that the IC-7610 will have those features. COM. com Free Ham Radio Classified Ads from QTH. A list of ham radios supported by Ham Radio Deluxe Rig Control software | Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, Elecraft, FlexRadio, Alinco, Ten-Tec, and more. I’ve had my IC-7610 for over a month (December IC-7300 1290 € IC-7610 3890 € IC-7100 1290 € IC-R8600 2950 € IC-9700 tulossa: Olemme valtuutettu Icom ilmailu-, meri-VHF-, vastaanotin-, ammattiradio- ja radioamatöörilaitteiden edustaja. I & others won't own any touch screen transceiver at any price. – Kenwood TS-590s in my bedroom for when the grandkids visit and my shack becomes a spare bedroom. 110dB dynamic range and +40dBm 3rd order Intercept Point (IP3) The IP3 performance of a radio can be improved by sacrificing sensitivity, but Icom considers this a poor choice. At the ICOM Amateur Radio Festival in Akihabara 2017. Face to face transaction much preferred.

Icom Australia's 5-year warranty applies to new Icom amateur radio transceivers sold by authorised Icom Australia amateur radio dealers - provided Icom Australia receives a fully completed and legible warranty card for the related purchase!If you don't have a warranty card you may register the required details on Icom Australia's website at www IC-7100 ICOM IC7100 [IC7100] $917. RADIOHF - ICOM IC-7600 Icom IC-7600. 04 KB IC-7610/RS-BA1 Connections ICOM IC-7610 HF/50MHz 100W SDR Transceiver. Since Icom has already taken steps to reduce the price of the IC-7600 it makes sense that the IC-7610 will be a replacement at that price point. AEcreative 4-pin 12AWG DC Power Supply Cable for Yaesu Radio FT-450D FT-891 FT-991-A FTDX-1200 Kenwood TS-480SAT TS-590SG TS-890s Ts-480-SAT Icom IC-7000 IC-7200 IC-7600 IC-7300 Alinco DX-SR9T Vertex Garmin 7600 Series Buyers Guide 7607XSV, 7608XSV, 7610XSV, 7612XSV, 7616XSV 7610 has a 10" screen, 7612 has a 12" screen and the big 7616 has a 16" screen. Don't forget that the IC-7600 has two antenna jacks and the keyboard USB port that the IC-7300 lacks. There are 48 for the Icom 7610. Tweet by Serge Zimin. This is a mid-level radio. I spoke with Icom North America at Hamvention–the representative told me the MSRP of the IC-R8600 would be about $2,999 US, but that No Nonsense Icom 7300 vs. ICOM IC-7610.

Icom Japan, announced today during the HamFair 2016 in Tokyo the IC-7610 a new HF+50 MHz transceiver. The difference between putting the QSO in the log and trying another time is the capability of the operator and the receiver. 03-60 MHz: Mode: High quality desktop loudspeaker with 80 mm membrane diameter, design perfectly matched to the Icom IC-7610 transceiver. Content Contact Us. SPECIFICATIONS. The biggest and best ham radio classifieds on the web! Buy, sell, trade HF and VHF equipment, towers, antennas, rotators and more! Windows will try to auto-install its own driver if you simply plugin the USB cable from the 7300 to the computer, and that one doesn’t work with the Icom USB interface. The combination of Icom's one piece, die-cast aluminum chassis and a full 75W gives you the most powerful 2M mobile transceiver in its class! Your communications will get through. Icom 7610 comparison, but could not find anything. 2, with dual RX support, was released on 30 August 2018. Choose Options. $2,549.

Factory Default Hex Addresses and Baud Rates I have continued to investigate the various ways to connect my Icom IC-7300 or IC-7600 to the Elecraft KAT/KPA-500 Tuner and Amplifier. RKA-7610 Repack Icom IC-7610 160-6 Meters SDR . Mark, Certainly everyone is entitled to his own opinion and I did note that he makes comments both pro and con on both radios - sort of. The main knobs and buttons are their on the front panel for easy access, which means no deep menu searching. The rig is very well built, the main knobs and buttons are well laid out, it's called ergonomics. I leave it on 6M SSB for Es. Icom IC-7610 Fan Operates in just "Receive Only" Use ! The Icom IC-7610 "Direct Sampling" SDR HF Transceiver's receiver section draws around "3+ amps" of current just as with the elder IC-7600 model did (via information as indicated in the brochure) . OPC-118 for Icom 746 756 PRO 775 7600 7610 7700 IC-2KL AT-500 AT-100. This price is available to anyone on their website. Here, you'll find links for Icom HF Transceiver models covering HF and 6m band. 00 Phase Noise Characteristics and RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dinamic Range) Characteristics in Receive Mode, data and pictures taken by videos of Icom Japan (see info and… lincks below).

661. I happen to have both radios and here are my thoughts on a comparison between them. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Amateur radio forum Like icom,Ic-7851,ic-7700,ic-7600,ic-7100,ic-7300,ic-718,and more are here for future reference. As you can see in the comparison chart above, the newer IC-7610 transceiver performance and features are great. Normally priced around $3,500 USD, today Gigaparts announced their Hamvention Sale Price of $3,099. Icom IC-7851 vs IC-7800 upgrade modelv. Like the IC-7700 and IC-7800, the IC-7600 uses dual 32-bit floating-point Texas Instruments DSP chips with one for the radio other for the spectrum scope. Sensitivity is equal on both at 0. For more on the iCOM 7300 settings, see below. 3kHz roofing filter limits dynamic range on the whole ICOM line-up. pdf 507.

Icom 7610 LCD Touchscreen Comparison IC-7300超解説! 15分で分かるIC-7300! IC-7300講演会inCQオーム - Duration: 16:50. Enjoy a ICOM Sponsored Mail In Rebate on this item between 4/1/2019 and 6/30/2019. This new transceiver will be the successor the IC-7600 and comes one year after the introduction of first ICOM SDR Transceiver, the IC-7300. Icom HF rigs fall into three distinct categories, as far as microphone interfacing is concerned. It was close between the two and I am sure I’ll have a Flex someday. . Controls your radio from the PC and transfer data from the radio to the PC A separate Spectrum-Waterfall Configuration window is provided to configure operation of the Spectrum-Waterfall window. The Icom 7300 is a much smaller and lighter rig. Faint signals are no longer a challenge for DXers and Contesters around the world. The menu system itself is pretty simple and understandable. 00 Mail In Rebate Available on this product.

- eHam. The customers and experts have spoken! The ICOM-7610 HF/50MHz All Mode Transceiver, featuring advanced dynamic range performance, true dual receivers and a host of other next-level benefits, has been well worth the wait. Today, Gigaparts and DX Engineering launched a price war on the ICOM IC-7610. IC-7600: Parameter At the 2017 Hamvention, I spent a little time checking out Icom’s latest wideband communications receiver: the IC-R8600. Set UP your IC-7300 for Digital Modes Connectors Settings bcl-radio: ICOM's amateur radio transceiver, operation demonstration of IC-7610. 11uV. The IC-7610 introduces dual RF direct sampling receivers, achieving 110dB RMDR, rivalling that of top-of-the-line transceivers. Icom 7300 vs. It features a direct sampling RF-SDR system (info: rigpix. Both have stands underneath in front to elevate the radios for easy operation. ) IC-7610 vs.

Lagt inn av Bjarne Mjelde at (UTC) ICOM IC-7610 Informationen, Hinweis von Sascha DH5SL. 200 memory channels; Weather Alert Scan Icom IC-7851 is probably the nec plus ultra of HF transceiver in 2015. Here is an email that I sent on the FTDX-3000 reflector. The Japanese company has just announced the production Performance pushed to the pinnacle! ICOM IC-7600 HF/50MHz All Mode transceivers provide a pronounced performance advantage! Find ICOM IC-7600 HF/50MHz All Mode Transceivers IC-7600 and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 at DX Engineering! I am still trying to decide if I will purchase a Flex-6600 or an Icom-7610 in ~30 days. Commander allows you to control your Alinco, Elecraft, Flexradio, Icom, JRC, Kachina, Kenwood, TenTec, or Yaesu radio from a PC running Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or 8; both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors of Windows are supported. The newly announced IC-7610 is the successor to the IC-7600, which had a long sales run after being introduced in 2009. IC-7610 IC-7600 Introduced with the IC-7300, Icom’s RF Direct Sampling System has made SDR performance affordable. It's a program that runs on your computer and interfaces with the radio, either IC-7300 or 7600. That is what tipped the scales in favor of the Icom 7610. $1300. The Icom RS-BA1 software is the solution for that.

Comparisons among Kenwood TS-990S, Icom IC-7300 and IC-7610 I don’t own a TS-990S now, as I gave it to my friend and repair genius N0QO, who got it working perfectly again. $50 Mail-In Rebate Available for the IC-7600! Valid for purchases from 10/1/17 to 12/31/17. #5 RatsoW8 , Sep 8, 2016 Der IC-7610 - von der Bezeichnung her ein Nachfolger des IC-7600 - ist so etwas wie ein "doppelter IC-7300". I asked the staff of ICOM to operate the equipment and recorded the state in the movie. Successor of the Icom IC 7600, it presents some interesting features like dual watch SDR Receiver, Touch interface and real time FFT. 4335 Steeles Ave. com ) and can receive on two different frequencies at the same time. – ICOM 7600 is my back-up rig, very good spectrum scope and overall ergonomics. It works with any Icom transceiver that supports an AH-3 or AH-4 Icom tuner; a partial list of compatible units includes: IC-706, 703, 718, 7000, 7100, 7200, 7300, 7410, 746, 756, 7600, 7610. Icom 7600 Vs Ic-756 Pro Iii Part 1 Construction And Layout. Icom 7610 Comparison It’s time I did the Icom 7300 vs.

95. ICOM IC-7610 product reviews by real people like you. Verify your cable is the one shown. If the Bonus Question is unavailable early in the day, you may submit your callsign again later in the day and if you enter your callsign the same way both times, the Sweepstakes program will not duplicate your earlier entry. ICOM CT-17 USB CI-V CAT Control Cable for Icom Radios. In this section, the point of view is that the release of the IC-7610 is 9 years after the IC-7600 was released. 743 views Receiver comparision of the IC-7600 and Ftdx-3000. Now that the 6400 and 6600 have been shipping a while, I was hoping to find more than 5 really short reviews on eham. I’m not going to list my personal likes and dislikes. I’ve had my IC-7610 for over a month (December 2017) and have used it daily, including in the last ARRL RTTY Roundup. This item Icom IC-7610 HF/50MHz 100W Transceiver - The SDR Everyone Wants Icom IC-7300 HF/50 MHz Base Transceiver with Touch Screen Color TFT LCD, 100 Watts, and Ham Guides Pocket Reference Card Bundle > Icom's USB (if it's similar to that on my IC-R1500 in any > case) is simply serial CI-V (*)done over USB with a > proprietary USB sound-card on top, If Icom's drivers work for > you great, if you run Linux / mac etc you may be out of luck.

The LDG IT-100 is an automatic tuner intended for use with modern Icom transceivers. The Icom IC-7610 just flat out looks better than the Flex, IMO. DC De-coupling on Icom Rigs All ICOM transceivers utilize "phantom power" on their microphone inputs. $249. What I’m not saying with this blog post is that the Icom 7300 is better than the 7610, I’m just trying to explain my rationale for choosing the “lesser” model. Borrowing technology from the recording studios, DX power is applied via the mic line to energize the electret elements used in stock Icom microphones. + OPC-118 for Icom 746 756 PRO 775 7600 7610 7700 IC-2KL AT-500 AT-100. From the Experts’ Perspective In his User Evaluation and Test Report, Icom Radio real time panadapter to your Icom radio when using N4PY software. Icom 7600 Rack Mounting in 4U (7") size with Room for Optional Power Supply. Should I Win the one in Orlando at Hamcation I would sell it still sealed in the box to somebody who does not Microphone Basics The iCOM 7300 has been updated to work with all Heil Sound iCM. West, Toronto Ontario M3N1V7 Tel: 416-667-1000 sales@radioworld.

USB (Upper Side Band). RKB-7610 Repack Icom IC-7610 160-6 Meters SDR . ) After 40+ hours of troubleshooting and repair, and $500 in parts, the 990S is ICOM is offering $1000 for the 7300 on a trade-in to the 7610. Simplified block diagram of IC-7610 front end (courtesy Icom Inc. Feature IC-756Pro III IC-7600 I purchased two Icom IC-7600's new before the IC-7610 came out. Back to Icom Next HF and more Icom IC-7600. Two selectable inputs allow two radios or receivers to make use of this nice speaker. For information about the purpose of any Commander control, allow the cursor to linger over that control for a second or two; a box containing explanatory text will appear. (For those who don’t know, a very near lighting strike EMP took out my 990S in Icom IC-7610 HF/50MHz All Mode Transceivers have the SDR everyone wants. Dual Digi-Sel. SAVE IC Gv7600, Ic 7600 Manual, Ic 7600 Vs 7610, IC-7600 Interior, Ic 7600 Mods, IC-7600 Modifications Summary page of Icom Desktop Transceivers (HF, VHF, UHF, allmode).

Achieving 100dB RMDR, these receivers rival that of other top-of-the-line transceivers. Some scratches on side of case, not visible from front. Rate this program @ The DXZone . After a few months of the 7600, I sold it and in the process of getting a Welcome to the Icom HF-50MHz All Mode Transceiver page. Also compatible with other radios and receivers, for example IC-718, IC-7300, IC-9100 etc. Operating without a PC will be better with the IC-7610. I don’t think I will. The IC-7600 compared to other Icom HF radios VA7OJ/AB4OJ. ICOM IC-7610 Presentation The ICOM IC-7610 transceiver is practically the successor to the IC-7600 which has been in production since 2008. 4498. com! Have a ham radio product or service? New ham: buy the IC7200 or hold out for the IC7300? I went from a IC-7200 to a IC-7600.

WCS-7600 Software Software - Program memories and other setting of the Icom IC-7600 radio. ICOM’s IC-7600 HF+50 MHz transceiver is an apparent and worthy successor to the extremely popular IC-756PROIII. Face is flawless. Commander. Toimitamme kaikkia Icom-tuotteita ja lisätarvikkeita. Comes with manual, power cord, original box. FAQ. No Nonsense Icom 7300 vs. If you are worried, the actual tested difference by the well revered Rob Sherwood of Sherwood Engineering is 1dB. Can also be used with a standard USB-A to USB-B cable. Sure, I’ll still want the Icom 7610 when I see all the reviews and get to play with it, but I don’t think I can warrant the price difference.

While the Icom 7610 is heavier, it does have an added feature, a carrying handle. IC-7610 SDR HF/6m Transceiver. A good friend who has many connections to the national Icom America team has told me, and told me again last night, that the IC-7610 will be in the $3500-$3000 range. Icom IC-7600 100W HF Base Amateur Radio. The Icom 7610 front is not as software (menu) driven as the Flex Radio. $35. It is my biased personal opinion that such anonymous critiques are not worth reading nor worth taking any note of since the source is completely unknown and unverifiable. Icom is pushing way ahead of the competition with these radios. The main attraction was the prototype of the new Middle class IC-7610 HF+50MHz transceiver. Only at eHam. Works with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 8 and 8.

941. Type: Amateur HF/VHF transceiver: Frequency range: TX: 10-160 m + WARC/6 m RX: 0. Check out the photos above and below. icom 7600 vs 7610

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