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Geriatrics being one of the fast emerging speciality in India, we created ourselves a niche with our superior care and expertise in managing the physical and mental well-being of the elderly population. Our experts specialise in addressing all the concerns of elderly patients by carrying all kinds of geriatric evaluations, coordinating with other specialities like Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, Nutrition, Internal medicine etc..


From falls, memory problems, home visits, managing multiple chronic lifestyle disorders to long term admission care we impart a sense of comfort and relief to the elderly patients and family members. 


Geriatricians and other geriatrics health practitioners specialize in the health requirements of elderly individuals, just as pediatricians do.


As we get older, many of us will face specific health issues and concerns. Healthcare experts who specialize in geriatrics are uniquely trained to assist us in managing our well-being so that we can preserve our health and independence for as long as feasible.

After 65, for example, more than half of us are likely to have three or more medical issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, or high blood pressure. Furthermore, some elderly persons may face different health issues, such as mobility issues and trouble completing daily chores. Medical issues arise as a result of these circumstances, which geriatrics healthcare specialists can assist with.

When it comes to the older persons in their care, geriatrics practitioners focus on five main areas known as the Geriatrics 5Ms.


Who is in charge of senior care?

Geriatrics is noted for its collaborative approach to caring for seniors and supporting their families and carers. Any or all of the following professionals may be part of the geriatrics care team, but they are not required:

  • Geriatricians are doctors who have received specific training in assessing and managing our individual healthcare needs and treatment preferences as we age. Geriatricians often provide care for fragile elderly persons with particular medical and social needs due to their unique expertise.
  • Gerontological nurse practitioners are exceptional practice registered nurses who have received further training to care for older folks who are both healthy and active, as well as those who require additional assistance with complex care.
  • Physician representatives are licensed medical professionals who work as part of a healthcare team to practice medicine and dispense drugs. Physician assistants collaborate with physicians and other healthcare providers to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.
  • Social workers are trained professionals who help people deal with life’s obstacles and possibilities. Some social workers are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders.
  • Consultant pharmacists specialize in prescription medication to meet the specific health needs of older persons.
  • Nutritionists specialize in the role of diet and nutrition in health management. They advise people on eating certain foods to improve their health or manage a specific health issue.
  • Physical therapists are healthcare specialists that assist clients in increasing their mobility and decreasing their discomfort. Physical therapists who work with seniors frequently focus on illnesses like arthritis, joint replacements, and balance issues.
  • Occupational therapists are healthcare specialists who help patients participate fully in daily activities. They may assist older persons with housekeeping, driving, and physical movement (including balance, strength, and coordination).
  • Speech and hearing specialists work with seniors to help them overcome hearing, speaking, and swallowing problems. They frequently assist older persons in recovering from or managing speech and hearing-related illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease, brain traumas, or strokes.
  • Psychiatrists are medical experts who specialize in diagnosing and treating mental illnesses and administering psychiatric medications. Geriatric psychiatrists have specialized expertise in the mental health of older people. They can assist them with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and bereavement (grief following the death of a loved one). Psychologists are non-physician practitioners who treat mental health issues without using the medicine, such as through therapy and counseling. In treating elderly persons, they frequently collaborate with psychiatrists and social workers.

Depending on a person’s specific needs, a geriatrics health professional team may comprise various other professionals.


As we get older, these professionals assess our medical, social, emotional, and other requirements. In addition, the team focuses on incontinence, falls, cognitive issues, and managing several chronic illnesses and drugs, which are frequent among the elderly.



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