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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights & Responsibilities


  • Right for uniform care irrespective of race, colour, caste, religionor country of origin.
  • Right to receive medical advice and treatment which fully meets the currently accepted standards of care and quality
  • Right to have clear description of your medical condition and plan of care.
  • Right to receive care with privacy and dignity at all times and under all circumstances with consideration to spiritual and cultural needs.
  • Confidentiality of information relating to your medical condition.
  • Right to expect safety in so far as the hospital practices and environment are oncerned.
  • Right to know the identity and professional status of your care provider.
  • Right to information on expected cost and tariff rates.
  • Right to be informed in a format and language the patient/family can understand.
  • Right to consent and refuse treatment.
  • Right to consult a physician of your choice from the panel of consultants in the ospital.
  • Right to access your clinical and medical records.
  • Right to know about the hospital rules and regulations.
  • Right to make complaints and suggestions.


  • Provide accurate information about present and past health condition.
  • Read and understand all medical forms including consent forms thoroughly prior to signing.
  • Co-operate with the agreed plan of care.
  • Observe hospital policies, procedures and rules for safety.
  • Make the payment of the bills on time as directed by the hospital.
  • Respect the visiting timings and not to bring children below lOyears as visitors.
  • Show consideration for the rights of other patients and the hospital by following the hospital rules concerning patient conduct.
  • Not to ask the hospital to provide incorrect information or certificates.
  • Not to litter the hospital and Support the hospital in keeping the environment clean.
  • Maintain Silence.
  • To protect the hospitals property from damage and misuse.