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In patient guidelines

IP Guidelines

1. Any patient seeking admission can contact our IP reception desk for registration and pre-operative instructions

2. IP reception will be available 24/7, 365 days a year for the convenience of planned and unplanned or emergency In-patient admissions.

3. Below is the checklist to help you make your admission easy:

  • Consultant doctor’s prescription or advice letter.
  • Make sure all prescribed pre-admission tests are done prior to the date of admission.
  • Carry your insurance card and proof of identity ( ADHAAR, PAN, Drivers licence etc..)
  • Details of all medications including vitamin and herbal supplements with dosages and frequency you are currently on.
  • Details of your medical history including any allergies and adverse reactions.

4. Leave all valuables at home. Take only the things needed for a comfortable hospital stay.

5. Only one attendant will be allowed at a time with the patient.

6. Smoking, alcohol and other intoxicants are strictly prohibited in the hospital.

7. For a healthy and speedy recovery, hygienic and nutritious food shall be provided to the patients as per the diet approved by the doctor and the dietician. Kindly refrain from bringing and eating outside food and beverages without the prior approval of the nurse/doctor.

8. Kindly refrain from loud talking, discussions and arguments that can effect your as well as other patients peaceful recovery.

9. Patients and attenders will be informed in advance regarding the date and time of discharge.

10. We request you to strictly adhere to the instructions provided concerning diet, medication, rest, follow up appointments for a complete recovery after discharge.

11. Please be informed that the entire discharge process may take anywhere between 4-5 hrs.

12. Kindly make sure that the bill presented is fully settled by the time of discharge.