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IAP -ACVIP Recommended Immunization Schedule for Children Age 0-18 years (2020-21)

Age VaccinesComments 
BirthBCGBCG: before discharge
HB 1aOPV: as soon as possible after birth
Oral Polio VaccineHep B Should be administered within 24 hours of birth
6 WeeksHB 2DTwP or DTaP may be administered in primary
immunization IPV: 6-10-14 weeks is the recommended schedule;
inactivated Polic Vaccine 1c if IPV, as part of a hexavalent combination vaccine,
is unaffordable the infant should be sent to a governement
DPT 1faclility for primary immunization as per UIP schedule
Hib 1
RV 1
10 Weeks HB 3RV1: 2-dose schedule: all other rotavirus brands: 3- dose schedule
Inactivated Polic Vaccine 2c
RV 2
14 Weeks HB 4b An additional 4th dose of Hep B vaccine is safe and is permitted
as a component of a combination vaccine
INACTIVATED Polio Vaccine 3c
Hib 3
RV 3d
6 Months Influenza Dose 1b Uniform dose of 0.5 ml for DCGI approved brands
6-9 Months TCV As of available data, there is no recommendation for a booster dose
7 Months Influenza Dose 2To be repeated every year, in per-monsoon period, till 5y of age
9 Months MMR Dose 1
9Months -5 Years Annual Vaccination
12Months PCV B1 ( at 12-18 months of age )Single dose for the attenuated vaccine
Hepatitis A Dose 1
15 Months MMR Dose 2
Varicella Dose 1
12-18 MonthsPCV B
15 Months MMR Dose 2
Varicella bDose 1
16-18 MonthsInactivated Polic V accine B1c
18-24 Months Hepatitis A Dose 2f
Varicella Dose 2g Only for inactivated Hep A vaccine
4-5 YearsInactivated Polic V accine B2c
MMR Dose 3
9-14 Years Tdaph/TdTdap is to be administered even if it has been administered
earlier ( as DTP-B2). HPV:2 dose at 6mo interval
HPV 1& 2I between 9-14 y: 3 dose: for > 15 y or immunocompromised
of any age (0-1-6 mo for HPV2, 0-2-6 mo for HPV4)
15-18 YearsHPV 1,2 & 3i
MCV 1k (at 9months of age)
immunizations & Range MCV 2K (at 12months of age)
of recommended age JE 1 (AT 12months to 18 years of age )
for high-risk children/CHOLERA 2( at 13months to 18years of age )
age.Rabies ( at birth to 18 years of age)
( vaccine in special situation )YELLOW Fever (at 9months to 18 years of age)
(inquire with your doctor toPPSV 23 ( at 2-18 years of age)
know more)PCV (at 5-18 years of age)

Adult Vaccinations Available to Prevent Following Diseases

Types of vaccinations

  • Influenza (Can be prevented by an annual flu vaccine)
  • Diphtheria Tetanus or “Lockjaw” (Can be prevented by a Tdap vaccine)
  • Varicella (Chickenpox) (Can be prevented by a varicella vaccine)
  • Human Papillomavirus (Can be prevented by the HPV vaccine)
  • Zoster (Shingles, Herpes Zoster) (Can be prevented by the Zoster vaccine)
  • Measles, Mumps Rubella (Can be prevented by MMR vaccine)
  • Pneumococcal Disease (Can be prevented by the Pneumococcal vaccine)
  • Meningococcal Disease (Can be prevented by a MCV vaccine)
  • Hepatitis A (Can be prevented with HepA vaccine)
  • Hepatitis B (Can be prevented with a HepB vaccine)