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Visitor Guidelines

Visitor Guidelines

We encourage family and visitors to see the patients for a more pleasant stay at the hospital. While the guidelines and rules may vary from patient to patient, we request the family and visitors to observe following guidelines for a better patient care:


  1. Visiting hours are strictly restricted to 8 A.M – 9 A.M or 5 P.M – 7 P.M unless notified of additional restrictions.


  1. Visitors will be provided with ‘ VISITOR’S CARD’, which must be provided when ever required.


  1. Maximum 2 visitors per patient will be allowed at a time.


  1. Visitors are requested to not exceed the specified time limit for the wellbeing of the patient. It is advised to keep your visits brief.


  1. Visitors should refrain from sitting on floors, roaming/loud talking/eating in corridors.


  1. Visitors are prohibited from smoking, consuming alcohol and other illegal drugs in the hospital premises.


  1. Visitors are not permitted in the functioning areas such as reception, nursing stations, doctor rooms and other unauthorised zones.


  1. Visitors should strictly refrain from administering and/or altering any medical treatment(s) to the patients.


  1. Visitors are not allowed to bring any outside food or beverages without prior permission of the nurse/doctor.


  1. It is advised not to bring children below the age 12 years, except with special permission.


  1. Visitors must follow the nursing staff instructions depending on the condition of the patient.


  1. We always put our best foot in the treatment and recovery of every patient. However, sometimes healthcare and medial outcomes can be uncertain depending on many uncontrollable factors. Please keep in mind, uncontrollable rage, mob violence, destructing the hospital property, verbal or physical abuse or any other unwarranted behaviour causing hindrances in the functionality of the hospital are punishable offences and will be reported strictly.