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People with conditions of ear, nose, throat, and head and neck are cared for by the specialists of the ENT department. The department provides a wide range of medical as well as surgical services to patients of all age groups.

Our ENT specialists coordinate with experts of other specialities as needed to provide complete quality care for common to complex ENT problems like:

  • Hearing and deafness.
  • Ringing in the ears.
  • Sinusitis, sinus headaches and migraines.
  • Deviated septum, rhinitis, nasal obstruction.
  • Sleep-related disorders such as nasal and airway obstruction, sleep-disordered breathing and snoring.
  • Asthma and allergies.
  • Defects at the time of birth, related to the head and neck.
  • Developmental delays, Tonsil and adenoid infection etc..

The ENT department is backed up with advanced diagnostic tools and latest imaging and screening techniques to give comprehensive solutions to the patient.


What are some of the conditions that ENTs treat?

General otolaryngologists handle a wide range of problems and do not specialize in any one area of the head and neck. However, some ENT professionals choose to specialize in one of the following subspecialties:

Hearing and balance are essential for how we go about our daily lives (otology/neurology). 


Nose (rhinology)—Our noses help us breathe by preventing potentially hazardous dirt, allergies, and other agents from entering our bodies. ENT doctors also treat deviated septum, rhinitis, sinusitis, sinus headaches and migraines, nasal blockage and surgery, skull-base tumours, including those inside the cranial cavity and other conditions.


Throat (laryngology)—Disorders that impair our ability to talk correctly and swallow can significantly influence our lives and vocations. Sore throats, hoarseness, GERD, infections, throat tumours, airway, and vocal cord abnormalities, and more are all treated by ENT specialists.


Thyroid/Head and Neck—The head and neck contain some of our body’s most essential organs, making them particularly vulnerable to tumours and cancer. ENT experts treat benign neck masses, thyroid problems such as benign and malignant tumours, Grave’s disease, enlarged thyroid glands, parathyroid illness, and more, in addition to head and neck cancers.


Sleep—Our ability to breathe and sleep soundly throughout the night impacts how we live and work. 


Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery—Facial trauma and the resultant change in appearance caused by an accident, injury, congenital disability or side effect of a medical condition can be upsetting. Cleft palates, drooping eyelids, hair loss, ear deformities, facial paralysis, trauma reconstruction, head and neck cancer reconstruction, and cosmetic surgery of the face are all treated by ENT specialists in facial plastic surgery.


Paediatrics— Children’s bodies and senses are still developing. Thus they require special attention. Congenital disabilities of the head and neck, developmental delays, ear infections, tonsil and adenoid infections, airway issues, asthma and allergies and more are treated by ENT experts.



The Benefits of Seeing an ENT

If you have long-term (chronic) throat, ear, or sinus problems, you should see an ENT.

ENT specialist commonly prescribe antibiotics, but if the infections persist, surgery may be recommended.

Tonsillitis is a tonsillar infection. Doctors usually treat it with antibiotics, but they may recommend that you have your tonsils removed if it doesn’t go away.

Chronic sinusitis refers to sinus problems that continue longer than four months. ENTs can assist in determining the root of the problem and treating it.


Hearing loss is a common problem.

Unexpected hearing loss could indicate something more dangerous. In either case, an otolaryngologist can find out what’s wrong and help you obtain the treatment you need to improve your hearing.

An ENT is not the same as an audiologist. Audiologists are not medical professionals. They’re medical experts who provide hearing aids and hearing protection devices to people. So you might go to an ENT to have your hearing problem diagnosed, then to an audiologist to get hearing aids fitted.  Cochlear implant surgery can be done video laryngoscopy done (Diagnostic)


You lump in your throat.

A lump in the neck that endures for more than two weeks could indicate cancer of the mouth, throat, thyroid, or blood. Cancers that begin in these places frequently travel first to the lymph nodes in your throat. On the other hand, swollen lymph nodes can indicate a dangerous illness but are more commonly caused by simple illnesses like strep throat or an ear infection.


A youngster that snores loudly

Adults frequently snore, while toddlers rarely do. It may not be a symptom of anything dangerous, but it’s wise to check with your paediatrician to see whether an ENT is recommended. It could be a sign of sleep apnoea, which can cause facial bone problems or bedwetting.


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