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Best DERMATOLOGY & COSMETOLOGY in Hyderabad | Skin, Hair Clinic


The skin care centre at Vivekananda Hospital is led by senior consultant dermatologist widely recognised for his accurate diagnosis and compassionate care for simple to complex skin, hair and nails conditions. We work closely with the patient and family to understand and address their dermatological conditions and provide proper counselling along with a comprehensive treatment plan.


Our Cosmetologists focus on understanding the requirements of each patient and provide tailor-made care plans for their unique goals. They are specialised in advanced procedures using minimally invasive techniques causing minimal discomfort, lesser downtime and no visible scars for a wide range of facial and body treatments. They ensure proper coordination from other departments like wellness and nutrition etc.. as needed to help the patient achieve an enhanced appearance and confident personality.


Dermatology & Cosmetology


Our skin’s natural and radiant glow is most likely affected by our lifestyle, age, genetics, and environmental factors, among other things. College students frequently realize everyone’s dream of living a vibrant, youthful, and healthier life; however, it can be challenging to achieve. However, this is no longer the case.


  • Paediatric dermatology
  • Dermatosurgery
  • Cosmetology
  • Allergies
  • All infections related to skin
  • Venereology


Eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, leprosy, and fungal, viral, and common bacterial conditions. Dermatologists and skin doctors in India are available at Health for the treatment of common skin conditions. Also investigated are requirements such as baldness, hair loss, and nail disorders, among others.


  • Electrocautery for removal of skin tags, warts
  • Warts curettage of molluscum contagiosum
  • Chemical peels for pigmentation and scars
  • treatment of acne scars
  • Dermaroller for scars
  • Ear piercing
  • Cryotherapy for warts
  • Corns
  • Intralesional injections for keloids
  • Patchy hair loss
  • Patch testing

  Allergy testing


Every day, you receive referrals from other departments as part of our routine services.


Surgical procedures


– Biopsies: Skin biopsies are performed to diagnose various skin conditions. Excision biopsies are the most common type of biopsy, but there are three other types as well.


Cosmetic injections: Treatments such as botulinum toxin therapy or fillers such as collagen and fat will be administered by your dermatologist to reduce wrinkles, scarring, and lost facial fullness temporarily. Because the treatments are only effective for a few months, the injections must be repeated regularly.


– Cryotherapy: In the Treatment of benign skin conditions such as warts, cryotherapy is commonly used as a method of choice. Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the skin lesions and destroy the skin cells affected by the freezing process.


– Hair removal and restoration: In the case of hair loss, surgery to the scalp or hair transplantation can be used to restore the hair loss to normal levels. Hair epilation, also known as electrolysis, is a procedure used to remove unwanted body hair while also destroying the hair follicles.


– Laser surgery: This procedure involves using a special light beam to treat tumors, warts, moles, tattoos, scars, birthmarks, unwanted hair, and wrinkles, among other things.


Derma-Oncology (Skin Cancer)


As the body’s largest organ, the skin is subjected to continuous exposure to a variety of harmful agents, including intense sunlight, ultraviolet rays, chemicals, and environmental agents, among others. Because of the constant irritation and exposure, the skin becomes more susceptible to cancer. The following are the most common types of skin cancer:


  • Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)
  • Melanoma
  • Squamous Cell Carcinomas
  • Lymphomas




Using a team of skilled cosmetologists and skin doctors in India and advanced surgical facilities and expert nursing care, the cosmetology department at Health can help you improve your overall appearance and appearance in general. All of our Cosmetic Surgeons have extensive experience in the field of high-end cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatment. Our goal is to provide cost-effective and efficient treatment while also providing individualized attention and using cutting-edge technology in the process.


  • Facelift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Body Lift




Dermatologists are doctors who practice in treating skin conditions and hair, nails, and mucus membranes. Cosmetologists are not medical professionals. They are experts in the fields of hair cutting, hair styling, and other cosmetic procedures.


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